Dusters California longboards & cruisers have their roots in the surf culture of California in the 70's, when skateboarding, surfing and music were pushing back against the established mainstream and vice versa.

For 25 years, a team of skaters has been building these boards in their own workshop. Everything from laminate construction to engraving, they do it all by hand. The details and finish of a real Duster shows their experience. And you notice that when you ride it.

The entire artistic process is overseen by creative director Nano Nobrega, who is very inspired by the youth culture of the 70's. Every board oozes vintage charm.

Dusters are mainly equipped with Slant Trucks, great for cruising and carving! The wheels and bearings are produced by Dusters themselves and are just as impressive as their decks. Everything is carefully selected and matched to give you the best possible ride.

Complete boards by skaters for skaters - that can only be good! Discover at Stoked always a large selection of Dusters California.