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Diamond Supply Co. is a 100% street lifestyle brand that stands for chasing your dreams. We share that vibe at Stoked and that's why you can always buy Diamond gear online or in our stores. Living the Diamond life!

Nicholas Tershay (aka Nick Diamond) started designing and selling skateboard hardware from his room in San Francisco in 1998, with roots deep in hip-hop culture. In 2000, he was able to really launch his brand in Los Angeles under Girl Skateboards. Clothing, accessories and especially the signature Diamond caps became instant street classics. Diamond regularly collaborates with big brands like Nike SB for special editions and has become a respected brand that gives its pro riders the financial support they deserve.

And Diamond has big pro's in heaps: Paul Rodriguez, Marc Johnson, Bob Burnquist, Luan Oliveira and more than 100 other big boys ride for Diamond Supply Co.

The street steez and confident vibe that Diamond stands for is also part of what we believe in at Stoked. Go for your dreams and make it happen, with Diamond Supply Co. at Stoked Boardshop!