DGK skateboards are perfect boards for tech street skating. That's why you can always buy skateboards from a brand known to pop stars like Lil Wayne at Stoked Boardshop.

In the backstreets of Philadelphia,Stevie Williams became one of the most innovative street skaters of the 90s. In 2001, he founded his own skateboard brand and called it Dirty Ghetto Kids, or DGK for short. Just like Stoked, DGK started modestly and sponsored local skaters from the beginning. Since 2009, the team is reinforced with pros like Josh Kalis and Rodrigo Teixeira. The team is known for their technical street skating skills. In 2011, DGK went on tour with Zero, a not so obvious but successful combination. Later that year Williams announces the construction of "Da Playground", a DGK indoor skatepark. Today DGK has collaborations with world stars, it holds the title Team Of The Year (2012) and 6 top videos on record.

We totally believe in the skateboards from DGK, which started out small and is now going strong. Check them out at Stoked.