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DFNS is a Dutch born and based lifestyle company that focuses on Lifestyle and care products. DFNS is pronounced as defense. DFNS is always looking for the best and greenest materials that are available, so you can keep on doing do what you love. Without hurting mother earth or your moral compass. Maximum lifestyle for a minimal footprint. At Stoked we believe all is possible if you combine innovation, expertise and enthusiasm. DFNS shares the same vision and passion. And not just for the environment and nature. DFNS and Stoked also share a passion and respect for sports, travel, fashion and sneaker culture. 

All the solutions are 99% or 100% biodegradable. This means that if these substances end up in the natural environment, they are broken down biologically within six months, without leaving residues that can be harmful to the environment.

These products are loved thanks to their effectiveness, sustainability and pleasant scents. The Apparel Launder smells like fresh linen, the Footwear Protector is odorless, the Denim Launder smells like tasty green tea. And with the Footwear Refresher you dream away completely, thanks to the woody citrus scent.

DFNS is a very young Dutch growth company. Skating isn't just a sport or a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Stay sharp and Stoked with the DFNS lifestyle products. Our stoked sponsored skateboarders also agree: DFNS from Stoked Boardshop helps you to stay fresh and fruity!