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Death Lens is the fisheye solution for your smartphone. That's why at Stoked Boardshop you can always buy your own Death Lens online or in our stores. Filming totally pro has never been this super easy y'all!

Justin Meyer, the pro snowboarder behind Videograss, and Nima Jalali, another snow beast, invented Death Lens. Fifteen years ago, many boarders had to fork out for a VX1000 camera with a fisheye. Today, a good smartphone has a better camera and light sensor than the VX1000. And everyone has one in their pocket! The only thing missing was an affordable, suitable fisheye. Tadaaa, the Death Lens fits your mobile phone, has a chill price and makes all your footage look super professional. At every session. Just in your pocket. Awesome sauce.

Snowboarders like legend Chris Bradshaw and stunner Joe Sexton film their daily clips with this smartphone lens. Since Death Lens is distributed by Baker Boys Distribution, the lens has also become a fixture on the skateboard scene. Hey, if Andrew "The Boss" Reynolds says it's good...

Film like a pro with the Death Lens for your smartphone, from Stoked Boardshop!