Darkstar skateboards are super sturdy street skate decks. That's why you can always buy Darkstar skateboards online at Stoked Boardshop or in our stores. Hell yeah.

Darkstar has been an established name in the skate world from the beginning. They were the first to come out with skateboards made of 9 layers of wood (instead of 7). It's heavier, but most of all, it's more solid. Today, they make 7-layer boards just like most skateboard companies, but with top quality wood and glue. These are pressed into a mould in batches of 1 (and not 5). This makes the result even stronger and lighter than the 9-layer boards of the past. These guys are pros!

Heavy street rippers like Greg Lutzka, Dave Bachinsky and Ryan Decenzo ride for Darkstar. So you know that you choose for a solid, light and all-terrain setup with Darkstar skateboards. Sweet. That's how we like it here at Stoked Boardshop!