Cliché Skateboards can be bought online at Stoked Boardshop and in our Stoked Flagship Stores. This French top brand was founded in the summer of 1997 by skater Jeremie Daclin. Throughout the years, they put the craziest skate spots on the map and sponsored top riders in skateboarding. This way Cliché gave the skate sport in Europe a huge boost. The Cliché team consists of Lucas Puig, JB Gillet, Jeremie Daclin, Charles Collet, Andrew Brophy, Joey Brezinski, Peter Eldridge and Daniel Espinoza. In 2006 they received the best team award from Transworld Skate Magazine. Cliché Skateboards is now part of Dwindle Distribution and delivers the same high quality as their other top brands like Enjoi and Almost.