Wie denkt dat sokken niet belangrijk zijn bij het skaten, heeft het mis. Goede skate sokken sluiten nauw aan aan je voeten en bieden extra ondersteuning. En dat bevordert je skate sessies! Kies jij voor standaard effen kousen of liever kleurrijke all-over prints? Hoe dan ook, met de leukste kousen van Polar, Toy Machine, Merge4, Volcom en zoveel meer, maak... More info

Buy socks

Are you looking for a sturdy and easy pair of socks? A real online board shop like Stoked Boardshop is your best choice. We practice all the sports we sell and know how to keep your feet fresh and dry.

Choosing socks

Good socks let your feet breathe, give extra support and help absorb shocks. This is very important for your comfort during boarding. If you choose old school socks, you even have an extra layer of protection for your shins. When you fall and slide, it makes the difference between a graze or not. Ripping in style!

Shin guards brands

At Stoked Boardshop, we only distribute the brands that we as boarder support ourselves. Brands that are owned by skaters or longboarders. All brands of socks like Huf, Polar, Stoked Brand and Socco have been tested and approved by our Stoked sponsored riders. Socks to be you, ride on!