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Op zoek naar een goedkoop skateboard voor beginners? Dan is een complete skateboard een uitstekende keuze. Deze voorgemonteerde skateboards zijn meteen ‘Ready-to-Skate’. Kies uit de populairste merken zoals Almost, Cliché, Creature, Grizzly, Stoked en zoveel meer. Tips en tricks omtrent de juiste skateboard vind je onderaan de pagina. More info
Skateboards Complete

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Buy complete skateboards
Are you overwhelmed by the large selection & the different terms & sizes at your first visit? No problem, we'll be happy to help you find your way. As a beginning skateboarder, you can choose to buy a complete skateboard. This way, you'll have a fully assembled board straight from the skate factory at a cool price with all the bells and whistles already attached. Perfect for skaters from beginner to intermediate level.

Size chart of complete skateboards


Body length 

Shoe size

Width skateboard

<= 3 years

<100 cm

<= size 28

<= 7.0”

3-4 years

100 - 110 cm

+/- size 28

7.0” - 7.25”

5-6 years

110 -120 cm

29 - 31

7.25” - 7.625”

7-8 years

120-130 cm

32 - 34

7.625” - 8.0”

9-10 years

130-145 cm

35 - 37

7.75” - 8.0”

11-13 years

145-160 cm

37,5 - 39

7.75” - 8.0”




7.75” - 8.125”

The size chart above is a general guideline and serves as a first indication.
We compiled this table based on average measurements of children & our years of skateboard expertise.

This way you can be sure that every young skater can start his or her skate adventure with the right skateboard at Stoked. Keep in mind that adults with a weight of more than 75 kilograms better opt for a self-assembled skateboard. These components can better withstand the higher kilograms.

An indication means that there is still some room for slack & interpretation.
Some guys and girls prefer to focus on "learning to ride" in the beginning, and then you can even go up to 0.25" wider than recommended.
This does make your set a bit heavier (a bit less easy to jump on), but it does give you some extra stability in the early stages.

Choosing a complete skateboard
Making a choice between the different brands of complete skateboards is easy at Stoked. We've only selected the best quality skateboards and parts from well known US and European skate manufacturers. You'll find complete skateboards from Almost, Enjoi, Cliché, Santa Cruz, Creature, Stoked and Real.

Tested and approved for your pleasure. A complete skateboard from these brands is always made of 7-layer pressed maple wood, well running trucks, solid wheels and ball bearings. The grip ensures that you can easily stand on your board. All parts of these completes are replaceable after wear.

These brands are in stark contrast to the cheap skateboards from toy stores that break very quickly and have parts that are not replaceable and feel uncontrollable.
So choose a real skateboard brand so you can enjoy your favorite sport and learn.

Complete skateboard or assemble.
For beginning skaters, it's often easy and economical to choose a complete skateboard. These boards are preassembled in the factory and have everything you need to start right away.

Do you want more freedom of choice or do you already have some skate experience and budget? Then we'll help you put together a custom skateboard setup.
This way you can choose the design and shape of the different parts.

We'll make sure everything fits together technically & assemble it with pleasure.
Send us a message at and we'll help you put together the perfect skate setup.

The Stoked Board Co Complete Skateboards
As an independent board brand & shop, we are proud to let the new generation of skaters start with top quality home-grown equipment.

For our Stoked decks we selected hard rock maple wood and high quality resin glue.
These are pressed into solid, light boards in one of Europe's best skate factories.
Our graphics are made in house in cooperation with local Belgian artists & graphic designers.

The Stoked skateboard decks are equipped with quality trucks, ball bearings and wheels. A great setup for a great price that you can really love. We just want to see as many kids as possible shining on a fresh deck. Stoked style.

Service for and by boarders.
Besides specific advice and quality material at a cool price, we always provide top service. We install all the different parts such as trucks, skateboard wheels and ball bearings for free. That is our service.