Buying your favorite skateboard accessories can always be at the best price in Stoked Boardshop's store or in our online skate shop. With us you can choose from a spacious Segment Skateboard Wax, Lifts, Risers, Bushings, Skate Tools and other Montage Supplies, Your Skateboard Use and Maintenance.

Skateboard Vijsjes and Tools.
You always need this when mounting your skateboard and are available in different colors.

Skateboard Bushings and Kingpings.
These are replaced parts for your skateboard trucks. You only have to replace a kingping when he is completely piece to ensure that your truck stays firm and solid. Bushings, those are the rubber that sticks between your axes. Here you have different hardness that you can adjust to your taste and skate style.

Skateboard wax.
This was developed by the skate brands to be easier to grind on rough surfaces such as a curb or LEDGE.

Skateboard maintenance.
To let your shoes last longer you can use Shoe Goo. Clean your bearings, that can be done through the Bearing Cleaning Unit and they have a smooth rolled through the Bones Speed ​​Cream. All to be found at our skateboard accessories.