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Nothing is as annoying as a rail or a curb that does not slide, so it is handy to always have a block of skate wax with you. Here At Stoked you can find them in different sizes, shapes and colours. They make your slides and grinds smoother than ever. Turn every rough curb into a great skate spot.

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What is skateboard wax made of?

In the old days, candles were often used as wax. The paraffin provides less friction and a better slide and gravel. Over the years, skateboard brands have perfected this wax to what we now know as skateboard wax. Thanks to this new composition with more oil, the performance is even better. This means you need less wax and you use a lot more with one block.

What is skate wax used for?

Grind and slide tricks are performed on curbs and rails. In the streets, these are often a bit rougher. Skateboard wax gives the obstacles less friction, which makes it easier to grind or slide. The best way to land your grind and slide tricks is by using skate wax!

Skateboard Wax Stoked Boardshop

How do you apply wax?

There are several ways to apply wax. Usually the obstacle itself is waxed. The top and sides are rubbed in well. Don't apply too thick a layer, so you don't hit the ground immediately. When you are with multiple skaters on a rail or curb, you can choose to wax only your board or trucks. This way your friends won't have to deal with unexpected slides.

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