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Don't have the right tools to assemble your skate set-up? Or are you fed up with carrying around a screwdriver and 3 different spanners? Then you can choose to Skateboard tool buy one. These are handy all-in-one tools to mount and adjust your whole set-up.

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The parts of a skateboard tool

Standard skate tools have a T shape They come with a wrench for your trucks, your wheels and your bolts. With these tools you can loosen or tighten the axles, you can replace skateboard wheels and you can mount the trucks on your skateboard. All in one compact and handy design. Some tools also have additional functions, like a file for your grip or a ratchet.

Skate Tools Stoked Boardshop Skaten Skateboarding Skateboard

Brands skateboard tools

To guarantee quality we only select Tools of the Core skate brands. Some of the most famous are Independent skate tools and the Silver Tool. But also the Spitfire skateboard tool is very popular. The most sold tools are our Stoked ToolsThese tools are available in different colours. All these brands of skate tools are carefully tested and approved by the Stoked skate team. This way, you can make the right choice.

Skate Tools Stoked Boardshop Skaten Skateboarding Skateboard

Which skate tool should I choose?

Depending on your budget and how many functions you want, you can choose the right skate tool. All our tools are compact and of high quality. They all have a Phillips head and an Allen head wrench. In other words, both a Phillips and an Allen head screwdriver. This way you can always tighten both types of hardware.

Most skaters buy a a standard T-tool. These contain all the essential keys to assemble your entire skateboard. This is the cheapest and most compact solution.

The Silver skate tool has a ratchet wrench for the bolts. With one button you can loosen and tighten the bolts even faster. Furthermore this tool has a handy grip file to smoothen the side of your grip.

The Independent Skate tool has some nice extras besides all the basic options. This tool takes some space in your backpack, but you get something in return.

You can draw a new thread on your skateboard trucks. To remove or push in your bearings it also has a bearingpress.

No matter which tool you choose, at Stoked you can't make a wrong choice. Check Click here all tools.

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Advantages of a skateboard tool

You can also assemble your skateboard with 5 different wrenches. Still, a skateboard tool has a few advantages.

  • Compact design
    Thanks to the compact design, you only need one tool. It takes up little space and fits easily in your backpack.
  • Everything in one tool
    Because everything is in one tool, you're always prepared to mount and adjust all skateboards, regardless of the type of hardware.
  • Lightweight
    They are made of a light material in a compact format. That saves some weight.
  • Competitive price
    Buying all the keys separately can cost a lot of money. Especially since they are often sold in sets. A skate tool is therefore very budget friendly.
  • Quality
    When you buy a skate tool from top brands like Independent, Silver, Spitfire, Andalé and Stoked, quality is guaranteed. A durable tool that lasts is always a good investment.

Skate Tools Stoked Boardshop Skaten Skateboarding Skateboard

Still have questions?

Still don't know which one to choose? Or do you have more questions? Let us know via chatphone or mailand we will be happy to help you.

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