Skateboard Helmets

Good protection starts with a skateboard helmet

, and that's not just for beginners. We definitely recommend beginning to intermediate skateboarders to wear a skateboard helmet. This way, you can prevent serious injuries to the head and you can learn in a safe way. There are even pro skateboarders like Andy Anderson who always wear a helmet. Concrete doesn't forgive and that's why a helmet is the right thing to do.

Size Chart Skateboard Helmets

When choosing a skateboard helmet, the size is very important. Take the circumference of your head with a tape measure just above your eyebrows and on the sides above your ears.

The largest possible circumference counts. This is your ideal helmet size.

Head circumference in cm.

Helmet size

52 - 54


54 - 56

S / M

57 - 59

L / XL

59 - 60.5


Skateboard helm

Testing a skateboard helmet

When you buy a helmet it's best to test it. Put it on your head and click it on. Shake your head left and right and up and down. If it doesn't sag or move, it's a perfect fit.

Skateboard Helmet Brands

Because only good materials give enough protection, we only sell the TSG brand. These helmets are made in Switzerland and are among the best when it comes to skate and snowboard protection.

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