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Your favorite skateboard Bushings you will find at Stoked Boardshop. Choose for Quality gear from top skate brands like Bones, Independent and Shortys.. We're happy to give you advice. The choice of your skate bushings depends on a number of important elements for the best result. Choose your bushings best according to your weight and skate style.

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What are skateboard bushings?

These are the rubber cylinders that go on your trucks. trucks around the kingpin. They make sure you can turn smoothly and are made of polyurethane. You need two bushings per truck. One at the bottom and one at the top. The hanger of the truck comes between both. The upper bushings allow you to steer, while the lower one regulates the responsiveness of your skateboard.

When should I replace my bushings?

Just like the rest of your skate setup, your bushings wear out. After a while, they can become too soft become too soft and deformed. It is also possible that They can also tear or break off. This is due to age, wear and tear and excessive impact.

This way you will not get the expected performance from your skate bushings. This while they are decisive in controlling your skateboard. Worn bushings can cause your skateboard to deviate and become uncontrollable. At that moment, it's recommended to replace your bushings. Shop your bushings Here.

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What hardness do I need?

Just like with skateboard wheels, the hardness of your bushings is represented by a durometer value. The higher this value, the harder the skate bushing. It determines how loose or tight your trucks move. Harder bushings will make your trucks spin less and provide more stability and provide more stability at higher speeds. Softer bushings make your trucks easier to steer.. This makes your board more manoeuvrable, but less stable.

But your weight also plays a role.. As a heavier skater you better choose somewhat harder bushings. Are you lighter? Then go for the softer version.

Weight and hardness of the bushings for standard skateboards.

Weight (kg)




22.5 – 45




34 – 56




45 – 66




56 – 79




66 – 88.5




79 – 100+




Brands Skateboard Bushings

When your skate bushings need replacement, or when you want to upgrade your skateboard. Check out the Independent Skateboard bushings & the Bones Bushings . These are the 2 most sold brands in our shop & online shop. Skaters who ride Thunder Trucks often replace them with Thunder Bushings. There are also fans of the famous Shorty's Doh-Doh's.

Different kinds of bushings

Bushings come in different shapes, each with their specific characteristics and suited for a different skate style. The three most common types are the cylindrical, conical and double cylindrical skate bushings. We like to explain the difference, so you can make the right choice.

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1. Cylindrical bushings

The most common are the cylindrical bushings. This set consists of 2 conical and 2 cylindrical bushings. This shape is included in the standard package of skateboard trucks. That's why they are called standard bushings. The lower bushing has a cylindrical shape and provides stability. While the upper conical bushings provide the turning movement.

2. Conical bushings

Both bushings have a conical shape. The smaller surface area provides a very smooth turning movement. This makes them ideal for turning and carving. They have a very good responsiveness and are therefore ideal for street skating. Many skateboarders swear by the conical Bones Bushings.

3. Double Cylindrical Bushings

Both the upper and lower bushings have the same wide cylindrical shape. Because of this, they have a very wide surface area and provide the most stability. Ideal for downhill skaters who like high speeds. Less suitable for street skating.

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