Koen Goris Mobile Tour Season edit 2014

Stoked Boardshop sponsored snowboarder Koen Goris has had an eventful season. Last year, he bought a camper van and with the help of sponsors like Stoked Boardshop, O'Neill, Ride Snowboards, Axe and Snowbite he went on a trip around the Alps. His mission? To board as much as possible, have fun and taste the powder. He also likes to enter a contest here and there to collect some prize money. He participated in the first BK Freeride Snowboarding and was crowned champion by a professional jury with snowboard heroes like Nicolas Droz. Koen is a machine, party animal and good cheer bro who is always ready with advice but above all a rider who totally embodies the term Saisonnier. Here is his edit of 2014. Curious what he will do next year? Follow Stoked Boardshop and Koen Goris for more news and footy.

We are snowboarding.

Keep Riding, Stay Stoked.

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: Floris Vanderkerken
Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

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