Skatepark Dilbeek : The Progress Part 1

What started about eight years ago with an e-mail to the local youth service to point out the worrying state of the skate equipment, has now become a real construction site for a fantastic skate park. Together with Sven Van Cauwenberghe, the working group has worked hard for years to achieve this and within two months it has come to fruition.

The makers of this skate park are not just anybody. Concrete Dreams is the construction company of Bruno Van Wilderode who has set up all decent skateparks in Belgium. Also the ones in Halle, Aalst and Oostduinkerke. It is also thanks to the work group that this constructor was chosen. A win for all, because this park is now being built for skaters, by skaters.

But the skaters are not the only ones in need of a new spot, that's why this project will be located at C.C. De Westrand next to the Bal-o-Droom. Here, the many petanque players of Dilbeek can throw a ball. First a skating session and then pastis and a game of petanque? Sounds like music to our ears.

Here at Stoked, we have been completely intertwined with the Dilbeek Skating scene for years through the sponsoring of the Dilbeek DJ Collective Rebelation Sound, the Stoked Reggaebox Skate Contest and the local skaters/builders of the Mashpark. Masheeuuurs ! We think it is awesome that we can share firsthand info and pictures with our fans.

The boys of Concrete Dreams started their assignment two weeks ago. Let's just say these guys know how to get laid. It's starting to look pretty bawesome here.

Also curious how things will progress here? We are super stoked and we will frame the park opening with all our resources to make it a sicke day. Within 50 days it will be on like donkey kong. In the meantime you can enjoy the pictures and Blog which we will update every week.

BIG UP to Laurens Van der Cruyssen, the Mashers, Rebelation Sound and all the boarders of the Dilbeek area.

Keep Riding, Stay Stoked.
Pieter-Willem OtsCEO
Stoked Boardshop

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

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