Snowboard talent Lorenzo Peeters joins the Stoked Team and wins The Mad Fridge Contest.

Lorenzo Peeters from Mechelen has been killing it in the snowboard scene for a while now.
On Friday we added him to the Stoked team & on Saturday he won the Mad Fridge contest. Awesome bro !

Lorenzo graduated last year and went straight to Mayrhofen for the season with his homie Kevin Trammer.

And the results were there.

Flemish champion snowboarding, 1st place on the Slope Inn Style, first Belgian in the Benelux rail battle. Lorre is not just a railrider, he also kicks kickers, drops cliffs and skates.

A real saisonnier, quoi. We are more than proud that we could welcome this golden boy at Stoked.

Welcome to the team, son!

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

Founder Stoked Boardshop • Loves Snowboarding, Skateboarding and always happy to help.

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