Fantastic first edition O'Neill BK Freeride Snowboard 2014

It took us blood, sweat and tears of joy but the first BK Freeride Snowboarding is a fact.
During the past 6 months we have given everything together with Koen Darras from Snowbite to make this happen.
Avoriaz was the place to be and the Belgian top of freeriding was present. Check it out for yourself ;)

Results men:
1. Koen Goris2
.Frederik "Witte" Van Den Bossche3
.Arne BroekaertReslates

1. Karlien Abbeel2
. Michelle Stuyts3
. Eva De Winter

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

Founder Stoked Boardshop • Loves Snowboarding, Skateboarding and always happy to help.

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