Stoked Sponsored Saisonnier Dimi San Kestemont Live from Avoriaz Episode 2

The lesson free week is behind us! After 2 well-deserved and necessary days of rest, it's time to hit the pow that has been falling for a while now. Coincidence or not, it is blue bird when we look out of the window. The smile on my face got all the bigger, a thick layer of white gold and a shining sun in a blue sky. These are the days we do it for and many can only dream about.

After a few runs we ran into some friends including Karlien Abbeel and her boyfriend Richie Logan, a.k.a. Koen Goris' shred buddy from last season. Together they often went looking for powder, today the search wasn't long and the boys popped along the right flank of "Les Combes".

The first part is an open plain that is steep but especially very horny! Once you're in the middle of the run, you can enjoy the trees and catch your breath in the "Télépherique des Prodains" to, once at the top, go fast again. Spray all day...

I couldn't help but start with this because I'm still as stoked as hell! So last week, lesson free week... Nice reunion with a few chill guys who were also present last year, especially the group "Veni Vidi Velcro", where drinking is nr1, the name says it all: "I came, I saw and I stuck"... Also 2 new faces that I will not soon forget. The boys from Verdad, Demir Julia and Yves Coonen, were in Avoriaz. For 2 reasons, to make their boards available and to teach the boys of Veni Vidi Velcro some extremes on the white gold.

Tomorrow it's time to test the boards myself! The "Wake Up" and the "Cash" from Verdad are up for grabs! Blue bird has been announced so time to hit the park...

Love, Dimi San

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

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