Stoked Sponsored Saisonnier Dimi San Kestemont Live from Avoriaz Episode 1

Dimi San Kestemont is the kind of dude they only made one of. His motto: One life, One chance. Since his meeting with Stoked founder Pieter-Willem Ots during the season in Tignes, Dimi also strings together the Winter seasons as a Skikot monitor in the Alps and the Summer seasons at Surfcamps. Enjoy Episode 1.

Just a week ago we arrived in Avoriaz. After one last drink at the Christmas market, at Stoked of course, and after everyone had finished their cuddling, I left for my mountain. Less than 5 minutes in the car and I was already allowed to blow in the bag in Halle, luckily that last drink was the only drink ;-)

After 500km we hit a monsterfille due to black ice, driving max 20km/h on the highway, hearing on the radio that there was a fatal accident and being advised to stop at the first aire d'autoroute until everything is over. Since I always color within the lines and do everything nicely according to the rules, I pull over and take a little nap. On the radio they didn't know how to tell me this was a trap and 2 hours later I was checked by customs, drug control....

3 tough guys woke me up but were impressed by my Superman outfit, I immediately reassured them they had nothing to fear and handed them all my smuggled drugs. That's how it goes between super heroes and the government.

After this little event I could drive on, still without any fines. 4 hours later we arrived in the sun-drenched white paradise, parked the car, picked up the keys and unloaded! We are with 2 in a super chill (by French standards, not too big) 4 person apartment.

Hard workers that we are, we were obliged to have a little drink the first evening. The first genepi was a fact and there were more than one... We also met Karlien (you know, that cool chick who is sponsored by, who else than, Stoked).

So we got through day 1, with a mini hangover behind us we started preparing everything for our first arrival. By the way, we all work as tour guides in the mountains...

On Friday we picked up our (free!) season pass and it was game on! It had been snowing for 2 days so the snow was nice. A first reconnaissance round in "The Stash" was a fact, there was not enough snow so it remained at a nice picture. That same day the shapers also started building the park "La Chapelle", almost all rails were placed, so next week will be fun!

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

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