Koen Goris starts winter season 2013-2014

A week ago, Koen Goris started his Mobilehome Adventure through the Austrian Alps.
He left on Saturday 16 November in Leuven with three new sponsors in his pocket. O'Neill Benelux, Ride Snowboards and Snowbite were added to the brands Koen will represent this winter. All brands that he can stand behind 100% and that we at Stoked also love.

After 550 km of cruising, his eyelids got a bit heavier and he could take a nap next to the highway. At 2pm the next day Koenio arrived in Stubai and went boarding immediately.
After the first three days of boarding Koen's legs of steel had warmed up sufficiently and he headed for Mayrhofen. Once there, he was able to take a shower for one euro and spend an hour on the internet. The past few days he traded in his mobile home for a crash pad with some homies in Mayrhofen.

In the bus it is 1° in the morning and the solar panel generates just enough electricity for an hour of light. Watching shred movies on the laptop is out of the question, so he usually reads a book and goes to bed early.

The advantage is that Koenmeister is up in time to drop fat powcliffs and char hard. One of his favourite things to do.

Keep Ridig, Stay Stoked.

Pieter-Willem Ots
Pieter-Willem Ots

Founder Stoked Boardshop • Loves Snowboarding, Skateboarding and always happy to help.

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