SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard
SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard
SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard
SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard
SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard

Capita SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard

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If any snowboard pushes the boundaries of technology and design, it's the Capita SUPER D.O.A. 2024 Snowboard. We are not talking about just any snowboard, but a masterpiece that is the result of advanced technologies and otherworldly inspiration.

For example, this snowboard is theperfect blend of familiar twin-tip style combined with innovative super materials like the

brand new 3D Thermopolymer SuperCore for a lightweight, responsive ride and the

Moonshot Omni-Tune performance stone gravel for maximum speed in every direction.

All that combined with a freestyle character that allows you to pop, butte and spin like you've never done before.


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Rocker Type

Resort V1 Profile - A combination of traditional camber, zero camber and reverse camber to provide the ultimate riding experience. This profile offers plenty of pop and response while still being easy to turn. It is perfect for boarders who want a versatile board suitable for all types of terrain.

Flex rating

6/10 - With medium flexibility between 4.5 to 6.5, these snowboards are stable on the piste and offer enough flexibility for the park. It is the perfect balance between stability and forgiveness for everyday use.


3D Thermopolymer SuperCore™. - this ultralight core combines premium poplar, Paulownia and beech with recycled thermopolymer channels for maximum durability, energy and pop.


Hyperdrive™ Base -this sintered material has exceptional anti-friction properties due to its high molecular mass and special processing aids. It has a proprietary composition and is incredibly fast. Only suitable for speed junkies.


Moonshot Omi-Tune™ - a high-performance racing base structure that directs water away from your base at a 45-degree angle, making these boards lightning fast to the elevator line or finish line. Unique custom structures improve performance on the mountain for the serious snowboarder looking for speed.

Megalite Skin™ Topsheet - The perfect blend of durability and weight savings. With its ultra-thin construction, this topsheet weighs 60% less than CAPiTA's standard topsheets. This means you can enjoy a lightweight board without compromising on quality or performance.

Binding compatibility

2x4 - This system is the most common pattern for snowboards today. Two rows of inserts are provided that are 2 inches apart. This allows for different stand widths. To attach your snowboard binding, you need four screws in the 2x4 system.


All-Mountain|Freeride|Freestyle - This snowboard is suitable for any riding style. It is a versatile beast perfect for all-mountain exploration, while still being playful enough for freestyle and stiff enough for freeride. As a true all-mountain, freeride and freestyle board, it can handle all the challenges of the mountain.

Rider level

Advanced|Expert - Advanced|Expert snowboards are designed for the most experienced snowboarders looking for maximum performance and control on the slopes. These snowboards often have reinforcements of metal, carbon and other materials for optimal stiffness, strength and precision. They are ideal for snowboarders looking for maximum speed, precision and control when carving, jumping and riding on extremely steep slopes and in challenging conditions.


Rocker Type
True twin