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Super D.O.A. 155W 2021 Snowboard

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Capita Super D.O.A. 155W 2021 Snowboard

The Capita Super D.O.A. 155W 2021 Snowboard was built after the Capita Defenders of Awesome, their award winning board. This board was given a famous supercharge with all kinds of cool technical upgrades. Lighter, more stable, more pop & aggressive as hell. The base also got a big boost to Hyperdrive, making it even faster to hit the slopes. Again all the benefits of camber & rocker are combined in an epic all mountain/freestyle board. New this year is the extra wide super carbon strips & Thermopolymer Core for even more reinforcement, less weight and improved responsiveness.

Terrain: All Mountain Freestyle
This snowboard can handle the highest speeds on the piste and still has a stable and precise response. This is due to a combination of factors. The hybrid camber profile, higher flex and extra amplitex & kevlar play an important role in this. The Capita SuperDOA also features a classic Twin shape, which makes it ideal for freestyle as well. Perfect for popping slopes, carving, hitting jumps and chasing powder off-piste.

Profile: Hybrid Camber
The camber profile of your board helps determine its stiffness, and also how fast it will respond. With the Hybrid camber it combines the best of both worlds. It offers enough stability at high speeds, but also enough flex in the nose and tail to be able to have fun on the piste and in the snowpark. The rocker in the nose and tail of stiffer boards like this one provides extra float in the powder.

Shape: Twin
This board is completely Twin, which means that it is 100% symmetrical in every way. Both in terms of stiffness, flex and outline shape. This has many advantages. You can easily switch (with the wrong foot in front). This is an important aspect when you land a 180 from a jump or want to ride a switch.
For the slope eaters among us, a Twin is also very nice to switch sides and to blast down the mountain in a new way.

Flex: 6/10
The flex rating of this snowboard determines for a large part how it will react.
The flex rating is given on a scale from 1, extremely flexible to 10, extremely stiff. The higher the flex rating, the more responsive your snowboard is, and the faster it will respond to your actions. Easy to compare with car racing on a circuit. 1 to 2 is a family car that's forgiving and chill, while 6 to 7 is a Formula 1 car that responds to every nudge.

6/10 Flex is in the higher class of stiffness. This makes for a very stable ride, especially when you're banging on the road. The response of a 6/10 flex board is also higher than average. With this type of board, you feel that the edge changes are very fast and the snowboard performs very quickly what you as a rider expect from it.

Level: Advanced to expertThe
flex rating, reinforcement, and base of
board give it all the power that advanced to expert riders need. The stiffness between the bindings provides stability at high speeds. The Amplitex with V-Tech amplifier and the Sintered Hyperdrive base will make you glide very fast. This means you can also enjoy this snowboard as a beginner, but your level will have to grow a bit more to get the most out of it.

Base: Sintered Hyperdrive BaseThe
base, or underside of this gem always consists of miniscule holes or pores. The Sintered base means there are more pores in the board so it will absorb and release more wax than an extruded base board. It costs a bit more, but when waxed properly, it glides a lot better. Especially on warm days and on flat sections you'll notice a big difference with a well waxed sintered base board.

Extras: Amplitex V-Tech - Kevlar - Super Carbon - Thermopolymer Core
The woodcore of this snowboard is reinforced with a number of extras.
These add extra stiffness, stability and pop. This means the board will respond faster and better, and will jump with you when you do.
The Amplitex V-Tech reinforcements are clearly visible on the board and absorb vibrations, giving the board more power and pop while keeping the weight down.
Kevlar sidewalls add to the board's strength.
Thermopolymer Core: Made from recycled plastics, these strips add strength and pop to the Capita Super DOA, while keeping the core lightweight.
Super Carbon strips: a carbon surface that is twice as wide for even more response of this high-tech snowboard.




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