Bones Hardcore Bushings Hard 96A White pack

Bones Bones Hardcore Bushings Hard 96A White pack

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These Bones Hardcore Bushings are specially developed by Bones to make sure your trucks will react faster and more responsive to your movements. Your turns will be smoother, the trucks will perform better and your skate experience will improve.

The bones bushings come in 3 different hardnesses. Hard Bushings: 96A, Medium Bushings: 91A, Soft Bushings 81A.

The HardCore insert in the bones bushings forms a connection that gives you more rebound and power than a normal bushing.


  • No break-in period, skate right out of the box. Just insert, tighten to desired hardness and skate.
  • Patented double-action bushings
  • Your skateboard trucks become more responsive
  • Improve the performance of your trucks
  • Turns become smoother and positive
  • Use 1 box of bushings for 2 trucks (so 1 skateboard)
  • Hardness: Hard: 96A