Longboard wheels

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Choose longboard wheels.
You will find your favorite longboard wheels at the best price in the shops of Stoked Boardshop or in our online longboard shop. The choice of your wheels depends on your riding style, budget and personal preference. Based on the disciplines within longboarding that you like to practice, you choose the type of wheels. Big, hard, small or soft wheels. The choice is yours.

Characteristics of skateboard wheels.
All longboarding gear wears out, but your wheels wear out the most. Fortunately, you can simply replace high quality longboard wheels. A longboard always contains 4 wheels. The bearings to attach the wheels to the trucks (axles), are mounted here. Size and hardness play an important role in longboarding wheels.

Different kinds of wheels.
Longboard wheels are made of polyurethane and have a hardness that is expressed in durometers. Riders who like to ride a quietly cruising board will find it easier to do so with hard wheels. Riders who prefer to ride on rougher terrain or hang in the deep end when downhilling will benefit more from soft wheels. These wheels have more grip and absorb more shocks, which makes them very suitable for beginning longboarders as well.

Brands of longboard wheels.
We believe in quality and therefore sell the top brands Blood Orange, Divine, These Wheels and more. According to our Stoked sponsored longboarders, these wheels last the longest and offer the best value for your money.

Service for and by boarders.
Besides specific advice and quality material at a cool price, you will always get top service from us. Together with you, we will choose the ideal longboard wheels to fit your riding style and budget, and mount them on your longboard deck.