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My shoes feel too small or too tight, what do I do?

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Before you make a hasty decision and return the shoes, we would like to give you some tips and tricks concerning the skate shoes we offer.

When trying on new skate shoes, it is very common you experience them as too tight at first. Quality Skateboard shoes are made from a stiffer suede, which makes them extra sturdy for skateboarding. In the beginning they are a bit tight, but after wearing them in for a couple of hours, they will adjust to your foot, widen and fit perfectly.

Optimal fitting:
Make sure the shoes fit well lengthwise, if necessary walk around with them at home on a clean surface to make sure the sole does not get damaged or dirty. There's a good chance the shoe will start adjusting to your foot within half an hour, so it will fit properly.

Need another size:
Is the shoe too big or too small lengthwise? Then order the right size via our website and register a return for this pair. This way you do not have to wait for the processing of your return and can quickly enjoy your new shoes.

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